Automatic Electric Water Gun Toys, Child-safe materials, Exciting water fights

Color: Blue
style: High configuration
Electrical outlet: USB
Sale price$40.12



1. Each pull of the trigger releases a powerful individual jet of water.
2. Filled with water, can launch continuously.
3. The water toy is made of high-quality ABS, and the handle is anti-skid to grip.
4. Support USB charging, which can be used continuously. 50 minutes of ultra-long battery life, and a single battery charging time of 110 minutes.
5. Cool lighting and simulated sound effects
6. Enjoy family fun and interaction with friends or family at the beach, sand and pool.

Product information:

Material: plastic/plastic
Function: Light electric water gun
Specification: 46 × twenty-two × 7.5cm
Color: Technology Blue [Standard Edition], Titanium Grey [Standard Edition], Technology Blue [High Edition], Titanium Grey [High Edition]

Packing list:

Lithium battery * USB cable * 1 strap * 1 water bottle * 1

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